New Sekiro speedrun world record took 33 minutes

A new Sekiro speedrun world record has been set by a popular Dark Souls runner. Speedrunners have been quick to size up the game since its release, completing the game in under an hour during the last week. However, a speedrunner named Christian “Distortion2” Licht has managed to beat From Software’s latest in under 40 minutes.

Distortion2, based in Wisconsin USA, achieved the new Sekiro speedrun world record earlier today. The world record now sits at 33:47. Following the crowning moment, Distortion2 reflected on the run as the credits rolled. The modest world record holder was quick to critique the performance and speculate on faster times, “Sub 34 [minutes] is easier than I thought,” he added “I lost like 20 seconds … there, that was actually really bad … sub 33 is possible.” Along with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Distortion2 currently holds world record speedruns on Dark Souls 2, Welcome to the Game 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and several more.

Speedrunning has been prominent on the gaming scene for many years now, along with players seeking other kinds of world records. A recent Resident Evil 2 speedrun uncovered a disturbing additional character within the game. In February, a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe world record attempt was ruined by every Mario Kart frontrunners’ worst enemy. Over on Apex Legends in the same month, a world record solo kill count was set by a former player in the Overwatch League.

The practice of speedrunning has been further popularized by the Games Done Quick events. The previous Awesome Games Done Quick event from January 2018 set a new fundraising record for the series of events. The event brought in $2.3 million. Late last year, the speedrunning event was forced to act regarding bigoted comments made by two of its participants. GDQ banned the speedrunners from future events followed the uncovered of their comments in a Discord chat.