Fortnite getting Reboot Vans in next week’s 8.30 update

Epic Games has announced that Reboot Vans will be coming to Fortnite as part of the v.8.30 update coming next week. The company announced these in a recent Dev Update video they published on their YouTube channel.

Hints about the Reboot Van were first spotted by dataminers back in March. The models for the Reboot Van were already in game back then.

The Reboot Van will allow players to resurrect their teammates in the Duos, Trios, and Squads modes. To be able to do so, players must pick up their teammate’s Reboot Card from where they died. Any ally can then use the Reboot Van to bring back their fallen teammate.

“Rebooted” players appear appear on top of the van, if multiple players have been revived, they will do so one by one. Whether or not “rebooted” players retain all their gear from before they died is unknown. However, a Reboot Van will be unusable for a set amount of time after it has been used. Players will only be able to use the Reboot Van again after it has recharged.

Players will be able to find Reboot Vans spread out around main points of interest in Fortnite’s island. A giant beacon of light is projected into the sky once one is activated. This shows the other players in the match that a the Reboot Van has been used.

The ability to bring players back can be quite game changing in the battle royale where the objective is to be the last team standing. However, it is currently unknown if they will be allowed into available in competitive Duos Arena and competitions. That said, Apex Legends already has its own respawn system where players can bring a dead teammates banner to a respawn beacon. It’s likely then that Reboot Vans are Epic’s way of creating its own unique respawn mechanic for Fortnite.