SNL The Division 2 Skit Pokes Fun at Chatty NPCs

In a recent SNL The Division 2 skit, star Pete Davidson seemed to poke fun at the chatty NPCs that appear in the game. In the skit, Davidson heads down to his local GameStop to try the game EarthWar 3 (a fictional game created to parody The Division 2) on a VR headset. Davidson gets into the game and is instantly greeted by Damien, who “runs the safe house.” He then meets Ethan, who apparently also “runs the safehouse.”

The skit follows Davidsons as he tries to get out of the safehouse to fight some zombies and actually test out the game. However, he is constantly being stopped by either Damien or Ethan (played by Kit Harington and Mikey Day) who are feuding with one another. Each of them wants Davidson to give them information about the other one so that they can one-up each other, and effectively keep Davidson in the safe house during his demo instead of allowing him to go out and fight. You can watch the full video below.

The SNL skit comes in response to player complaints that the NPCs are a bit too chatty in The Division 2. Players were finding it annoying that they had to sit through so much dialogue before actually being able to play the game. The folks at SNL picked up on this and used it to give everyone a good laugh. Even the developers behind The Division 2 enjoyed the lighthearted skit, tweeting out that “Damien and Ethan are now less chatty with our Invasion update.” It’s always good when developers can take criticisms in a constructive way and use it to make their game just a little bit better.

The Invasion update also brought with it the Tidal Basin mission, World Tier 5, and a whole lot more. We’ve got a complete rundown of the major changes that came to The Division 2 with the Invasion update, in case you missed it.