Fortnite Baller health lowered in latest patch

Update:  Since adding the controversial Baller vehicle to Fortnite, Epic announced that they would be adding a feature that would allow players to shoot through the glass of the Baller. Since that announcement, they have walked back their plans in a recent post that was made of the Fortnite subreddit. The post states that they tried out the feature but were not happy with it and felt that it “didn’t feel like the right solution.”

So, it seems like they are back to square one on their plans to fix the Baller. In the same post, they also announced that they would be lowering the health of the Baller from 300 to 200, in order to make it less powerful. This seems like a nice gesture, but it remains to be seen if it will be enough to fix the Fortnite Baller problem.

Epic Games has confirmed that a Fortnite Baller fix is coming to a future patch. The fix will be coming in a future update, however, and is not part of this week’s update version 8.30 patch.

The Baller has been a controversial vehicle within Fortnite‘s competitive scene. Competitive games can often have 30 to 50 players left alive near the end. The Baller exacerbates this issue since it allows for quick mobility and easy traversal in and out of end-game fights, letting players stay alive quite easily.

Epic made the announcement via a post on the FortniteBR subreddit. With the upcoming change, players will be able to shoot through the glass of the Baller. In fact, shots will damage both the Baller and the player driving it, but the metal parts of the Baller will still deflect any bullets shot at it.

The Fortnite Baller fix will not be part of the 8.30 patch. Epic is still polishing the fix, and will only release it when the developers deem it ready. Naturally, this means that the Fortnite World Championship qualifiers will start without the Fortnite Baller fix. Competitive players are bound to be upset with this. Additionally, this will also highlight the problems with the Baller to an even larger audience as people tune in to watch the qualifier streams.

The 8.30 update already brings a disruptive change in the form of the new Reboot Van. These Reboot Vans will allow players to bring dead teammates back to the fight. Meanwhile, Epic is also disallowing stretched resolutions in competitive play.

Competitive players will argue that Epic should have released these fixes, including the Baller fix, before the World Championship qualifiers. The main thinking here is that competitive players should be able play on a stable version of the game without having to deal with any new or disruptive changes.

With that said, at the end of the day, the Fortnite Baller fix will help address a problematic aspect of competitive play. It’s just a shame it wasn’t applied before the qualifiers.