Scuf Vantage Cosmic Series now available, features four new space-themed designs

The Scuf Vantage Cosmic Series is now available! This series of four new controllers for the PS4 gives players several new stylish options for playing their games with the highest-quality equipment available on the market. Take a look at the new controller designs for yourself!

SCUF Vantage Cosmic Series

The release of the Scuf Vantage Cosmic Series is somewhat serendipitous considering the recent news about the first photo of a black hole. The Supernova, Galaxy, Nebula, and Starstorm variants of the Cosmic Series each have brilliant colorations with stellar themes that can be appreciated by gamers of all stripes. Especially noteworthy is the Galaxy design, which seems inspired by the popular Fortnite skin. This isn’t officially acknowledged, but they do look incredibly similar!

These new high-end controllers are available right now, with Scuf choosing to both reveal and launch the products simultaneously.

We recently reviewed the Scuf Vantage and its proved to be an interesting improvement over the standard DualShock 4. Gamers who are used to the Xbox-style controller with asymmetrical joysticks may find the Scuf Vantage a more comfortable fit as, essentially, this controller is roughly the same size and shape of an Xbox controller that can function with a PS4. The addition of paddles on the underside makes it easier to make use of the face buttons quickly and without cramping up your hands.

The look and feel of an Xbox controller isn’t the only thing that Scuf carried over from their designs for Microsoft’s console — the Vantage series also maintains the same great quality that the company has maintained for years.

The Scuf Vantage Cosmic Series may very well be the best third-party PS4 controller on the market today. If it seems like the kind of hardware you’d love to use, you can pick it up on Scuf’s website starting at $189.95 or your regional equivalent.