God of War sequel teased in free PS4 theme

A potential God of War sequel seems to have been teased in a new free PS4 theme. The PS4 theme was unveiled as part of Santa Monica Studio celebrating the anniversary of God of War’s release. The image is rather tame itself, featuring the lead characters sitting in a boat. However, the unassuming image has been discovered to be hiding a secret message.

The free God of War PS4 theme shows Kratos and Atreus sitting in their boat on the Lake of Nine. We see the World Serpent in the background as well as a few different areas you explore in the game. The most interesting part of the image was uncovered by a user on Reddit named “Left4Donut.” “Left4Donut” points out some runes rather faintly carved into the outside of the boat.

More interesting than the runes themselves is what they supposedly translate to. The translation is “Ragnarok is Coming” according to the Reddit user. Ragnarok is an event from Norse mythology and signals the end of the world. The concept was fleetingly mentioned within God of War and subsequent fan theories have speculated how the father/son combo may bring about the apocalyptic event.

Along with the free PS4 theme, the Santa Monica Studio released a “Thank You” video marking God of War’s anniversary. The video features members of the development team paying tribute to passionate responses to the game from fans. From murals and cosplayers to music videos and photo mode hijinks. You can watch the entire video below.

In the year since the game’s release, God of War has received widespread critical acclaim, acquiring a litany of awards across various industry events. The positive reception included calls for downloadable content from fans who wanted more. However, Santa Monica Studio boss Cory Barlog recently left no doubt that the game would not be getting DLC.