Battlefield Firestorm duo queues permanently returning to the game

Battlefield Firestorm duo queues are permanently returning to the game according to a tweet made by an EA Community Manager. A duo mode was originally tested in the battle royale mode on a temporary basis before being removed from the game following the conclusion of the test. It has now been confirmed that the mainstay mode of duos is not only returning to the game, but they’ll be made a permanent addition for players to enjoy.

A tweet from the official Battlefield Twitter account states that the Battlefield Firestorm duo queues will be making a return at 5:00 AM EST on April 18.

A follow-up tweet states that the team behind the game are going to continually monitor the health of the community and make adjustments to game modes as needed. Furthermore, a tweet from an EA Community Manager states that this is going to be a permanent change, stating, “It’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.” It may be possible that the Battlefield Firestorm duo queues will go away again one day considering the game’s policy on changing available modes as needed, but for now, it seems like it will be sticking around.

Battle Royale games typically offer up several different ways for players to compete in the game. A solo queue is when you are playing by yourself and fighting against everybody else, duo queues put you in a team of two (either pre-made or found via matchmaking), and teams (3–4 players depending on the game). Not every game offers up different options for queuing; as an example, Apex Legends currently only offers the option for players to queue in a full team of three.

If you’re looking to hop onto Battlefield Firestorm with just one other friend, you’ll be able to team up in a duo queue starting on April 18, 2019, at 5:00 AM EST.