The Last of Us 2’s final scene has finished shooting

While we wait for a release date announcement, Naughty Dog VP Neil Druckmann has confirmed The Last of Us 2’s final scene has been shot. Druckmann naturally didn’t give anything away with regards to the sequel’s ending. The image did feature a page of script marking the end of filming and was bundled with a short tweet by the acclaimed developer.

Druckmann’s tweet revealed the end of filming, expressing sadness at having shot the game’s conclusion. The script simply reads, “The End … Cut to Black.” It’s next-to-impossible to read anything in to five words, but it’s interesting to note that the original The Last of Us also ended in a similar fashion with an abrupt cut to black.

Neil Druckmann has recently used Twitter to detail the closing parts of development on the sequel. Druckmann’s previous tweet detailed how actress Laura Bailey had finished her performance capture for the game. Late last year, Druckmann also revealed the studio had finished shooting what he described as “the most complicated and heart-wrenching scene we’ve ever worked on.”

Neil Druckmann was promoted to the position of vice president of Naughty Dog just last month. Druckmann has worked at the developer since 2004. Despite the new VP offering several statements about various closing milestones for The Last of Us 2, we still don’t know the game’s release date.

The last we heard, the release date was reportedly “coming soon.” In terms of a more definitive answer, several leaks have crept out over the last few months. A Peruvian retailer listed the sequel as having a release date of October 2019. While The Last of Us 2’s composer gave away even less, stating it would be released “very soon.”

Back in January, information about The Last of Us 2’s multiplayer seemed to be inadvertently made available. A job listing detailed a multiplayer experience which would include matchmaking, rewards, and customizable characters. We followed up with our thoughts on what should be included.