Anno 1800 Season Pass and free content announced

With Anno 1800‘s official release in the rearview mirror, developers Blue Byte have announced their plans for upcoming downloadable content. The game’s forthcoming updates include an Anno 1800 Season Pass, which is priced at $24.99 and will include three pieces of DLC, along with free content updates based on feedback from Anno players.

Currently, the season pass is unavailable for purchase on Steam, since Anno 1800 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive going forward, but Steam claims current Anno 1800 owners will be able to purchase the DLC at a later date.

Although the DLC currently lacks a release date, Blue Byte has already detailed the kind of content available in the Anno 1800 Season Pass. First, a “Sunken Treasures” DLC, which expands the playable island with a “a new European session and large continental island,” alongside story content where players will join “an eccentric inventor […] on a treasure hunt.” The second DLC pack includes new buildings and corresponding mechanics, including a botanical garden designed to attract tourists and a musical pavilion where players can enjoy soundtrack selections from older games in the Anno series.

The third and final DLC takes players into the Arctic, where you can set up a new outpost and “master all-new production chains and goods.” Players who purchase the Anno 1800 Season Pass will also immediately receive cosmetic items for the game’s multiplayer mode, including a new portrait and company logos.

Blue Byte has also promised free content updates for all players, in addition to balance changes and bug fixes. At some point down the line, a statistics building that provides deeper information about production chains will be added, alongside a co-op mode where multiple players can team up to build an empire together, plus communal challenges where all participating Anno 1800 players will earn cosmetic items like new skins or company icons. These free content updates are partially based on feedback from the Anno community.