Mario Kart Tour beta test happening next month

Nintendo will be holding a Mario Kart Tour beta test next month. The test will be exclusive to Android and is open only to players from Japan and North America.

The closed beta test of Mario Kart Tour takes place from May 22 to June 7. Interested players in North American and Japanese territories only can already register for the beta by heading over to the game’s official site.

Registration will be open until 10:59 PM ET on May 7. Interested participants should take note that only a limited number of slots are available. Should the number of applicants exceed the number of slots, Nintendo will then select participants at random.

Only players on Android devices will be able to join the beta test. Nintendo has not stated any reasons why iOS devices aren’t included in the beta. It’s likely that Nintendo is concerned with the game’s stability on the wider variety of hardware running Android. Apple is the only manufacturer of iOS devices after all, while Android devices come from a plethora of manufacturers. This focus on Android could also hint that the game’s delay to summer of this year was due to issues with the operating system.

Sadly, it seems that players won’t know if the above is the case. Nintendo has stated that it “will not respond to inquiries regarding the content or implementation of the closed beta test.” This also means that players won’t know exactly what the beta test entails until Nintendo announces it.

Mario Kart Tour represents the latest mobile game from Nintendo. The company’s previous releases include hits such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as well as the fan-favorite title Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s clear that Nintendo puts the same care into the mobile releases as they do their consoles ones. This Mario Kart Tour beta test is just one more example of that.