Madden 20 cover athlete finally revealed

With the NFL Draft underway this weekend, EA Sports felt like it was an opportune time to reveal details about Madden 20. And just like clockwork, we’ve got a good idea who the Madden 20 cover star will be in this year’s edition.

The publisher has officially announced that up-and-coming quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be the cover boy for this year’s go-around. Making a name for himself as the Kansas City Chiefs, he racked up some noteworthy stats last year and that has seem to have gotten the publisher’s attention. The official reveal trailer for Madden 20 cover athlete is below.

Meanwhile, a release date has also been confirmed as well. The game will ship much earlier this time around, set for August 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Sadly, still no sign of a Nintendo Switch version. While not too likely, that could change.

The game will pack some new features for football fans. First up is a new career campaign mode, “Face of the Franchise: QB1,” which follows your star through his paces in the big leagues. There will also be a new player abilities system called the Superstar X-Factor, which you can balance out to become better in certain spots.

Face of the Franchise also returns, but with new customization options. This includes guiding them through college. That eventually leads to the big leagues, so you’ll want to be careful about your choices. There will be more “realistic” situations this time around, thanks to the game’s developed Scenario engine.

A standard edition of the game will be available at launch. Die-hard fans can also get a Superstar Edition that comes with Gold Team Fantasy Packs and a Legends Superstar ability to boost your QB to new heights. Prices aren’t available just yet, but it’ll likely be around $80, compared to the regular $60 version.