Modern Warfare updates bring player collision, blank usernames, and other multiplayer woes

Call of Duty players over the holiday break got an unwelcome gift from Infinity Ward. Players now experience noticeable collisions with their teammates, to the point that other players can push you around the map as you’re playing. The community isn’t quite pleased with this change, especially considering how fast-paced a typical round of Modern Warfare can be. The problem is perfectly illustrated in the below gameplay clip posted to Reddit by user Cyberpunk_89. Despite his best efforts to stop and disarm a mine, his teammate charges forward, pushing him to an explosive demise.

IW why did you make it to where teammates can now push eachother from modernwarfare

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Other players have reported instances of falling off ledges and leaving mounted weapons because of this new addition. While most of these scenarios aren’t likely malicious, it does open up a whole world of griefing for players who know the score, and that’s certainly something Infinity Ward will want to take care of sooner rather than later.

Of course, this isn’t the first issue Infinity Ward has had with upgrading the latest in the Call of Duty franchise. Over the same period that players have seen a buffed collision detection, certain players have found that their opponents have erased their Gamertag and/or username from existence. Using an in-game exploit, they play with a bank name, which means that enemies can’t see their name pop up during gameplay. This gives the exploit player a distinct advantage in the tense speedy firefights that the franchise is known for.

Please Activision Patch This ASAP (the visibility is bad as we know and people with 200IQ is using blank username to avoid red name on head) from modernwarfare

The situation is most noticeable in Hardcore matches, where teamkilling is a factor. In other matches, you can just shoot everyone safe in the knowledge that only enemies will take fire. In more precision modes, this strategy will quickly make you a pariah on your team and the hero of your enemies.

These two issues are most prevalent throughout the community for now, but there are even more troubles brewing. From the usual complaints about spawn camping on certain maps to players finding ways to crawl underneath the playspace to pick off players, it’s clear that the developers still have plenty of work to do to get Modern Warfare to the place players expect in the coming months.