Sonic the Hedgehog movie leak reveals Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik

Fans have talked about the film for months. But tomorrow, they’ll finally be able to see a trailer for the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog from Paramount. And, more importantly, if it deserves all the ridicule it’s getting. The first trailer for the film is set to go live tomorrow. However, before its premiere, it finally revealed an intricate piece of the puzzle. We now have our first (confirmed) look at Jim Carrey in the role of Dr. Robotnik.

As you can see in Segabits’ tweet below, Carrey’s look for the villain might not be what you’d expect. Instead of having a long, playful mustache, it’s more of the Burt Reynolds variety. And he’s not as rotund as his video game counterpart, though that could change over the course of the film.

Then again, there are some things it gets right. The goggles and trademark coat look very Robotnik-ish, if there’s such a word. And it does look like he’s behind the wheel of an automated menace, which he builds quite often in the games.

To further add confirmation to the image, Segabits also added the following tweet from Carrey’s Instagram.

While many are probably hopeful that Carrey will bring his “’90’s lunacy,” so to speak, to the role, fan responses are mixed at the moment. We’ll see how he brings it together when the trailer premieres tomorrow before it premieres in theaters on November 8.

We still don’t know much about the film’s story. But that has allegedly already been leaked on Reddit before it was quickly taken down. The render for Sonic has also supposedly been leaked and is also quite unusual.