Rocket League is getting review bombed on Steam

News broke out earlier today about Psyonix and its best-selling Rocket League being acquired by Epic Games. Some fans loved the news, but others showed immediate concern. There are mixed reports indicating that the game will leave Steam later this year, once League makes its debut on the Epic Games Store. This rumor has since lost credibility, but fans of the service are still sounding off.

Shawn over on the Evolve PR team noticed that the popular multiplayer game is seeing some severe reviews following this morning’s news. You can see in the tweet below, but this is yet another example of a game being destroyed by “review bombing.”

As you can see, most of these “reviews” pertain more to Psyonix’s deal with Epic…and not the Rocket League game itself. We’re pretty sure Steam is aware of the problem, though it’s not likely to remove these reviews, given the situation.

Still, it’s an issue that continues to come up on the Steam front. We’ve seen games like this “bombed” in the past, mainly due to a decision that has very little to do with the game. And yet, users still feel like this is the best way to sound off…when it isn’t. 

And what’s more, it doesn’t even matter how much time players put into the game, as Shawn noted in a follow-up tweet:

To reiterate, Psyonix did note that the game would continue to see support on Steam. This is even after it debuts on the Epic Games Store front. So…yeah, someone’s just a wee bit upset over nothing.

We’ll see if Steam does react to the matter. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Rocket League is also available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.