Minecraft AR game teased by Microsoft

Minecraft AR game appears to have been teased by Microsoft. A video titled “What’s Minecraft up to?” has been uploaded to Microsoft’s YouTube channel. Clocking it at just under a minute long, it appears to show us some very interesting scenes that hint towards the release of a Minecraft augmented reality game.

In the Minecraft AR teaser, we see a man and a woman sitting on a bench. Both of them have left their phones unattended on the bench and the man accidentally takes the woman’s phone and walks away. The woman gets up to call out to him, but she stops and looks down at the phone instead. That’s when the magic happens. She looks down at the phone and sees a pig from Minecraft with a flower on its head along with some terrain from the game. She looks up and is shown to be standing next to a couple of Villagers who shake their heads and run away. Finally, the man reclaims his phone before an announcement is made to tune in to Minecraft.net on May 17, 2019.

May 17, 2019, happens to be a particularly special date—it’s the official 10-year anniversary of Minecraft. A number of celebrations are planned, although nothing about the game itself has really been announced. We actually can’t be certain if this is a game at all; it could very well just be a creative advertisement. However, the massive popularity of Pokemon Go shows that there is certainly a market for AR games if there’s enough star power behind them, and star power is something that Minecraft has in spades.

You can watch the What’s Minecraft up to? video for yourself below. See if you can pick up any interesting clues! We don’t know for sure if this is indeed a Minecraft AR game or just an interesting advertisement, but we’re sure to be hearing more about it on May 17, 2019.