Minecraft Classic free-to-play has launched, available in-browser

In a surprise move, Mojang has made Minecraft Classic free to play on the game’s official website in celebration of its upcoming ten-year anniversary. Minecraft is a game with a long and storied development history, but its roots are in a game that is considerably more humble than the complex building experience that we all know and love today. Now you can easily step back in time with the addition of one of the earliest versions of the game to its website!

Minecraft Classic is a much simpler game than what most of us are used to. Boasting a total of 32 blocks and all of the original bugs, the classic version has no enemies, health, food, or day/night cycle. Heck, there isn’t even a sun in the sky! You can now play Minecraft Classic free directly in your web browser, although it may not run all that well depending on which browser you use and your computer’s specs. Personally, I found that it runs much smoother on Firefox than it does on Chrome.

Aside from Mojang making Minecraft Classic free, the fine folks from Sweden are also asking fans to share their Minecraft memories. Those of you with a bit more media production talent also have a chance to win a trip to “Minecraft: The Exhibition” in Seattle, Washington by creating and sharing a video to Instagram.

While the release of Minecraft Classic on the web is certainly cool, Mojang has much more in store for the game’s ten-year anniversary. We may very well be getting a brand-new AR game! You might also want to get some building inspiration by checking out our guide to Minecraft houses. You can read more about the anniversary at the special anniversary page set up on the game’s official website. In the meantime, you can step back into the past and play Minecraft Classic free in your browser right now.