Death Stranding box art may have been teased by Kojima

The Death Stranding box art may have been teased by its director Hideo Kojima, with a portion of an image seemingly depicting the cover of the upcoming PS4 game being shared on Twitter. While a release date for the game has still yet to be confirmed, Kojima did recently tease a new trailer, suggesting that we’d receive more details in the near future. Now it seems that the legendary developer has hinted at more key information pertaining to the highly anticipated release.

In a tweet, Kojima shared an image related to Death Stranding, including the game’s logo and its cast details. Kojima accompanied the image with the caption: “Trying this and that…. this one was turned down”.

While Kojima’s comment indicates that, if this is the Death Stranding box art, it won’t be used for the final game, it does suggest that development is at least starting to wind down. Considering that Death Stranding was first announced during E3 2016, fans will be eager to hear of any information which points towards an eventual release for the game.

If this is the direction in which the Death Stranding box art is headed, it’s also in line with Kojima’s cinematic approach to his games. The cast listing along the bottom of the image is more commonly seen on film posters, while it also features the tagline ‘A Hideo Kojima Game,’ similar to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s cover art.

The image can be viewed below:

Mark Cerny recently hinted that Death Stranding could be a cross-generational release with the PS5. In a recent interview with Wired, the PS4’s lead system architect reportedly responded to question regarding a potential Death Stranding PS5 release with a “smile and pregnant pause.” It is widely speculated that the PS5 will launch at some point in 2020, so it could be that Death Stranding will be a launch title for the upcoming console. However, this is purely speculative at the time of this writing.