New Death Stranding trailer teased by Kojima, over 8 minutes long

A new Death Stranding trailer has been teased by Hideo Kojima. Kojima is well-known for how he teases his projects and a recent tweet continues the trend. The tweet appears to indicate a new trailer is incoming. Some mystery has emerged around Kojima’s Twitter musings. The original tweet was deleted and replaced with a slightly doctored image.

Hideo Kojima’s original tweet teasing a new Death Stranding trailer seemed fairly run-of-the-mill. The image in the tweet features two monitors. One with the Death Stranding logo and another with a timeline in video editing software. Nothing appears to be given away regarding the potential contents of the trailer.

Nevertheless, internet sleuths emerged when Kojima deleted the original tweet and replaced it with a version which appears to crop the timestamp of the video. The timestamp is blurred but users over on ResetEra claim the time is somewhere around the eight minutes and 40 seconds mark. The eight minutes plus length would fall in line with the E3 2018 trailer which also ran over eight minutes. It isn’t yet clear why the length of the trailer is something Kojima chose to remove.

It wouldn’t be a Hideo Kojima game if the build-up didn’t feature a range of articles including the words “teased by Kojima” and his antics have led to a wealth of them over the past year. The most recent Death Stranding news came from PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny. Cerny suggested the game may end up being released on Sony’s next-generation PS5 as well as the PS4. Earlier this month, Kojima himself teased the multiplayer aspects of Death Stranding. He stated it would be “something really new.”

There is no scheduled release date yet for Death Stranding, although voice actor Troy Baker did potentially give it away. However, Kojima did recently reveal the game is behind schedule.