DmC Devil May Cry sequel possible, according to Capcom

A DmC Devil May Cry sequel could be possible according to Devil May Cry 5‘s producer. However, Ninja Theory would need to be involved for this to happen.

Devil May Cry 5 producer Matt Walkers made mention of the divisive reboot in a recent interview with with Feed4Gamers. He stated that the developers were open to doing a sequel as long as original developer Ninja Theory was on board. “We’d still love to see a sequel, but we think it absolutely has to be made by Ninja Theory,” Walker said. “So much of the amazing style and substance in that game was only possible because they have such a knack for what’s cool. It wouldn’t be DmC without Ninja Theory.”

He also confirms that the studio already considered doing a sequel with Ninja Theory in the past: “On the dev side we certainly wanted to and thought we would work with Ninja Theory again to create a sequel to DmC, but that unfortunately didn’t get off the ground.” Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno also made similar statements last year.

Released in 2013, DmC Devil May Cry alienated series’ fans due to the changes in setting and tone, making series protagonist Dante a less likable character. This was on top of adjustments to the combat system supposedly designed to make the game more accessible. Despite these controversial changes, the game received generally good reviews from critics and attracted a number of newcomers to the series.

Of course, if a sequel does happen, the developers will have to deal with the matter of Ninja Theory’s new owners. Microsoft’s purchase of the studio in 2018 means that any sequel to DMC Devil May Cry would most likely be an Xbox One exclusive.

In addition to the possibility of a DMC Devil May Cry sequel, Walker reiterated that the further downloadable content for DMC 5 isn’t happening. He specifically mentioned that director Hideaki Itsuno and his team have already moved on to other projects.