Minecraft Earth AR mobile game revealed with trailer, to be free-to-play

Mojang and Microsoft Studios have today revealed a brand-new free-to-play Minecraft AR mobile game: Minecraft Earth. The new Minecraft Earth AR mobile game puts the power of Minecraft into your hands in the “real” world. Take to the streets and make the world a blockier, more vibrant place, or have a look at the creations around you in Minecraft Earth thanks to the power of augmented reality. Skip to the end to check out the Minecraft Earth reveal trailer.

After some initial teasing, Minecraft Earth was announced today via a trailer and its very own website. The game allows you to harness the powerful creation tools of Minecraft, giving you the ability to create structures and place them in the real world for all to see and discover thanks to the power of augmented reality. There’s more to it than creating and showing off your blocky structures, however.

Your usual slate of Minecraft creatures and mobs appear in Minecraft Earth. You’ll be able to find and collect new items, mobs, materials, and more while playing. You’ll see Minecraft creatures populating real-life areas. This also means, however, that hostile mobs will appear in Minecraft Earth. Not only will you be able to create, collect, and share, but you will also need to survive.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to team up with others in challenges that could literally take place on your doorstep. You can also team up with other players to create structures, too. There’s a whole new exciting and dangerous blocky world out there to discover. Minecraft Earth is just your portal into that world that already lurks everywhere.

Better yet, it’s a free-to-play game. Beginning this summer, you will be able to take part in the limited beta if you sign up right here. Doing so will grant you not only the ability to be one of the first to play Minecraft Earth (on Android 7, iOS 10 or higher), but you will also receive a free Minecraft Earth skin. Watch the official reveal trailer below:

Image Credit: Mojang and Microsoft