Pokemon Sword and Shield trainer customization confirmed

Pokemon Sword and Shield trainer customization has been confirmed! This good news follows a t-shirt contest which revealed that the winning shirt would be made available in-game. The inclusion of a customization item sets in stone character customization as a feature.

Trainer customization has been available since Pokemon X and Y, where players could style their trainer to their liking. It seems this feature will continue in the latest generation of games. At least one custom t-shirt was announced following a t-shirt contest in Japan, and there will likely be far more fashion options to choose from at launch.

The contest was for fans to design a t-shirt that would go on sale in clothing retailer Uniqlo. The winning shirt, which sports a Magikarp and Gyarados design, will be available for purchase. Additionally, the shirt will be in-game as a trainer customization item.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the eighth generation of the Pokemon game franchise. It takes place in the brand new Galar region, containing many different landscapes for players to explore. The style of the region and its landmarks seem to be heavily influenced by Great Britain.

As with each new generation, a slew of new Pokemon come with it. The three iconic starter Pokemon have been announced. The grass starter is a mischievous chimp named Grookey. Scorbunny, a rabbit bouncing around and scorching the earth, is the fire-based starter. Finally, the swift fan-favorite Sobble is a timid water-lizard. Trainers will get to choose which of these three adorable scamps to start with as they set off on their journeys across Galar.

While not much further information is available on Pokemon Sword and Shield at this time, trainers can look forward to encountering a whole new generation of lovable companions and crafty fighters. And now, thanks to the new reveal, you can look good while doing so.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available later this year on the Nintendo Switch.