Viking Vengeance comes to Steam

Norse mythology comes to life in a cartoonish style in Viking Vengeance. Developed by Lowpoly Interactive, Viking Vengeance is an upcoming RPG where conflicts arise between pagan and Christian forces in the cartoonishly violent world. The backstory and in-game content contain many winks and nods to mythology and age-old grudges.

The plot is rooted in the tension between the Holy Christian Empire and the Pagan States, two factions who have been warring for centuries. While the two empires attempted a peace treaty, the Dark Ages descended on their lands. The war resumed not only over resources, but also because both sides thought the treaty angered their respective gods. This is where the game’s tale begins.

The protagonist is a Viking who was kidnapped by the Holy Christian Empire’s Templar Order as a child. Raised to be one of them, he seizes his opportunity to rebel as an adult and lead Vikings in the fight against the Templars in the name of stopping their oppression of the pagan people. Your goal: find an ancient weapon and change the destiny of your people.

Viking Vengeance will have several classes to choose from, including Witch, Berserker, and Shieldmaiden. Players can level up their skills and use a blacksmith to enhance their gear. You can also choose which god to worship, praying to them for aid in battle and paying tributes in the blood of your enemies. The story will take you through different places of myth and beings of old will make sure you never truly die. But be careful: After every death you must make a choice, each with its own perks and drawbacks, so navigate wisely and skillfully through this RPG.

Viking Vengeance takes Norse myths, smashes them with imagination, then sticks the result into a low-poly environment filled with baddies to bludgeon. The mature-content game is scheduled for release later this year, with a price yet to be announced. More information and updates will become available on its Steam page.