GOG Galaxy 2.0 update enters closed beta soon

GOG Galaxy is getting a makeover. The GOG Galaxy 2.0 update enters closed beta soon and sign-ups for the waitlist are already available on the GOG website. The update offers an extensive rehash of the original client.

The biggest news of the new client is that it’s not only designed for GOG.com users, but for consoles and extended PC games as well. The updated client offers gamers one place to view all of their games from all platforms. This master list allows players to install and launch any PC games they own on any platform.

Another comforting feature of the new GOG Galaxy is that the player’s data is safe and sound. In the modern era of buying and selling information, GOG Galaxy promises to never share player data with third parties. Additionally, it’s easy to remove data from GOG servers. This offers a small bit of comfort in the realm of online activities.

The update also offers library customization. This allows players to use filters, tags, and searches to create their own library views, as well as adding visuals such as game backgrounds. The library will keep track of all games own, achievements unlocked, and hours dedicated.

Got friends to play with? Keep tabs on them, too! No matter what platform you and your friends are playing on, everyone can see each other’s online statuses and chat while gaming. You can also easily view your friends’ achievements and recently played games, and see who has spent the most time playing any particular game.

Cloud saving will make sure any of those aforementioned custom libraries you create are waiting for you when you log in, no matter which device you choose to use. You can also save your favorite games and friends to their own lists for easy access.

If this all-in-one gaming client sounds good to you, sign up for the closed beta here.twt