Super Smashwatch brings Super Smash Bros to Overwatch

Do you like Super Smash Bros? How about Overwatch? Well, now you can mash the two of them together by playing Super Smashwatch, a brand-new custom game that’s now available via the Overwatch Workshop. The creativity of gamers knows no bounds and one innovative fan of these two franchises managed to combine the two into a new (and supremely entertaining) experience that anyone who owns Overwatch can play for free right now.

Super Smashwatch is exactly what it says on the tin: the gameplay of the Super Smash Bros games featuring characters from Overwatch. Reddit /u/ajfis3 (with assistance from fellow Redditors /u/Xefoxmusic and /u/HaxD3) worked hard to put together an amalgamation of Nintendo’s popular side-scrolling brawler and Blizzard’s first-person shooter using the Overwatch Workshop.

The list of features is short, but a casual examination shows that he’s pretty much got the basics down for emulating Super Smash Bros gameplay as noted in the Reddit post announcing the custom game:

  • Individual player shields and air dodges
  • An active camera which will attempt to keep all players in the frame at all times
  • Individual player live stats in the corners of the screen
  • 3 lives per player
  • Team victory when all players on enemy team have been eliminated
  • Countdown startup sequence alike to smash

The programming behind the game mode is pretty thorough, containing dozens of rules and UI elements. 22 of the game’s heroes have had tweaks made to their abilities aside from the other general adjustments in order to make the gameplay run smoothly and play fairly.

This is the very first public version of Super Smashwatch, so there’s currently only a single map available (Busan Sanctuary) for players to enjoy. You can play the most current version by going to Play > Game Browser > Create > Settings > Import Code and entering VZ4YG. Make sure to follow /u/ajfis3’s work on Reddit to see the latest updates to this custom game!