E3 2019 | Just Dance 2020 release date and trailer revealed

Ubisoft has confirmed the Just Dance 2020 release date at its E3 2019 press conference today. The yearly dancing party game series returns on PS4, Xbox One, Wii, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia in November 5, 2019. Ubisoft announced the Just Dance 2020 release date with a colorful Just Dance 2020 trailer and dance number during its press conference at this year’s E3 event.

Just Dance 2020 looks to bring more of the bright and colorful, energetic gameplay that you know and love to living rooms across the world later this year. Take to the dance floor with a whole host of new tracks from all of your favorite artists and acts. The likes of Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman and Panic! At the Disco’s High Hopes are in the game in a 40-strong track list.

You will also be able to add to the experience thanks to the continued support of Just Dance Unlimited. This will set you back a subscription cost, of course, but will exponentially add new tracks and experiences to Just Dance 2020. Every copy of Just Dance 2020 comes with a month’s free subscription of Just Dance Unlimited, which features a streamable list of 500+ extra tracks. You’ll be able to create playlists of your favorite tracks, too.

Just Dance 2020 release date

As stated above, Just Dance 2020 will shimmy its way onto the PS4, Xbox One, Wii, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch later this year in November 5, 2019. You’ll be able to once again turn your living room into a dance floor thanks to Just Dance 2020. The Nintendo Switch version ensures that anywhere and everywhere can be your dance floor thanks to its portable nature and tabletop mode.

Just Dance has been a Ubisoft institution since its first release back in 2009 and the series is still going strong. You can watch the reveal trailer below. Keep on dancing over to GameRevolution for more news and coverage from E3 2019 as it happens.