DayZ physical edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One this year

Bohemia Interactive and publisher Sold Out are partnering to put the zombie survival game DayZ onto store shelves. The DayZ physical edition launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019.

While DayZ has seemingly been around for a long time now, the game only released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. Prior to this, the game spent over five years in early access on Steam before finally launching in December of last year.

Of course, players can already purchase the digital editions of DayZ on these platforms. However, die-hard players who prefer their games on physical media can soon get games on disc. When exactly they can do so is unknown, as Bohemia and Sold Out have not given an exact release date as of yet.

DayZ takes 60 players and sets them loose in a 230 square kilometer map in the middle of a zombie outbreak. These players are free to either team up and band together, go alone, or even work against other players. The only rule of the game is that the players must survive, no matter the cost. The game features perma-death, and players who fail to survive lose their character and all their progress, forcing them to start anew.

Most players likely remember the game more for the battle royale mod made for it. Brendan Greene, more commonly known as PlayerUnknown, started experimenting with the genre by modding DayZ as well Arma 2, the game DayZ originally started as a mod of, before finally launching PUBG. Indeed, most players familiar with battle royale games will likely find DayZ to play like a somewhat more open-ended version of these other games.

In addition to the physical editions, the developers at Bohemia Interactive confirmed that they were working on post-launch content for DayZ. These are supposed to drop within the year for all platforms that the game is on.