New Pokemon Drednaw, Gossifleur debut in Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct

Nintendo and Game Freak have unveiled a raft of new Pokemon that will make their series debut in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Critters such as Drednaw and Gossifleur, as well as what legendaries will appear, were shown off for the first time during the livestream event.

Game Freak Art Director James Turner revealed just a few of the new Pokemon that players will be able to encounter on their travels. Gossifleur is known as a flowering Pokemon and is almost certainly a Grass-type Pokemon. It apparently likes locations with fresh water and clean air, and its pollen is believed to heal a number of illnesses. Turner even had time to show Gossifleur’s evolution off to viewers too, and revealed its name to be Eldegoss.

Drednaw is known as a bite Pokemon and looks like a more vicious version of the Pokemon Gold and Silver evolutions of Totodile. Its skin color and design hint at Drednaw being a Water-type, though it could also be a Ground or Dragon type too. Its jaw is said to be able to crush rock and iron. Its personality means that it’s hard to tame, and even the most experienced of trainers may have troubles reining its temperamental side.

Corviknight and Wooloo were also showcased to those who tuned in. Wooloo is a sheep Pokemon, and most likely another addition to the Normal-type roster. With its trademark fur that is treasured by weavers in a specific region of Galar, you can spot a herd of Wooloo from a great distance. Corviknight, meanwhile, is another Flying-type Pokemon that could have a Dark dual side to it too. This Raven Pokemon is large enough to carry trainers across Galar’s towns and cities, as long as they’ve visited them before.

Pokemon Sword and Shield wasn’t done there with its new Pokemon though. The Direct revealed the game’s two Legendary Pokemon as well. For more information on those and their names, you can read this article.