Destiny 2 cross-save and Stadia support incoming

It looks like the future of Destiny 2 is on other platforms and freely moving between them. Well, most of them. According to a recent report, it appears as though Destiny 2 cross-save is becoming a reality as well as the game’s launch of Google Stadia. Along with the upcoming leaked expansion, this is most likely what Bungie meant for the “next chapter” in the game’s life.

Kotaku has reported with multiple sources that cross-save is indeed coming to Bungie’s game between the Xbox One, PC, and Stadia versions. This doesn’t include the PS4 version as of now as support for that platform is currently “up in the air.” This seems to be in line with Sony’s comparatively stubborn view of allowing the PS4 to talk to other systems. Dataminers were also able to grab a “cross-save” image and Kotaku confirmed that this would be part of the developer’s livestream at 10 AM PT on June 6.

Stadia support is also one of the important announcements slated for that stream. Destiny 2 will one of the bigger games available for the streaming platform and, given how it is a few years old, cross-save would give this announcement more impact. After all, the game thrives on players building up their character and that wouldn’t mean as much if they had to start over. If the system works as advertised, players can log into Google Chrome on the PC and just continue their progress seamlessly.

Google is having a press conference an hour before Bungie’s stream and this synergy (combined with Kotaku’s accuracy in the past) gives these reports more validity. We will also hear about pricing and launch details at the conference and Destiny 2 is probably going to play a big role in the latter.

Bungie will have more details on the moon-based expansion as well as other non-Stadia announcements during its stream. Even though these were probably the biggest parts of the stream, the team will likely have more to share.