Journey PC Launch Trailer showcases a console classic that’s finally come to PC

The Journey PC launch trailer is here and it finally lets us get a solid look at the port of a classic console game. If you’ve never heard of Journey, then odds are you haven’t been paying much attention to the PlayStation games of yesteryear. This game is well-regarded as a beautiful, brilliant experience that’s enjoyed by players around the world, but it was unfortunately exclusive to the PS4 ever since its release. Now, PC players will finally be getting the opportunity to play the game thanks to an exclusive deal made with the Epic Games Store.

The first few moments of the Journey PC launch trailer open with some scenery shots from the game overlaid with quotes from the gaming press praising the game from the last few years. The protagonist opens up some kind of a vault and a piece of fabric comes flying out. We then see our hero moving through the world at a rapid pace, sliding down a sand dune and brilliantly jumping through the air.

The scene shifts to an underground cavern, and we then begin a rapid montage of other scenes from the game. The Journey PC launch trailer closes out with our hero surrounded by gigantic flying snake-like creatures that fly around the air in a massive cavern.

The Journey PC launch trailer captures a small portion of the magic that is to be experienced in this beautiful game. Thankfully, PC players can now finally experience it for themselves.

You can watch the Journey PC launch trailer for yourself below. If you’d like to grab this game for the PC, you can pick it up on the Epic Games Store for $4.99 or your regional equivalent as part of the Epic Mega Sale. It’s best to act fast, though — the game will return to its standard retail price of $14.99 after the Epic Mega Sale ends on June 13, 2019!