FIFA 20 Volta FIFA Street-style mode unveiled in reveal trailer

A new FIFA 20 Volta 5-a-side mode has been revealed during EA’s pre-EA Play reveal of the latest instalment in the soccer series. The addition, which places huge emphasis on street soccer, harkens back to the revered FIFA Street titles and will be packaged as part of the core game when it launches on September 27, 2019. There’s even a new FIFA 20 trailer which details the Volta mode,  which you can watch down below.

FIFA Street fans will invariably rejoice at the scenes in the new FIFA 20 Volta trailer. The mode, which comes with a Story Mode, as well as online leagues, features a dazzling array of flicks, tricks, and outrageous nutmegs.

The trailer features interspersed footage of B-Roll involving real-life players and the game’s new Volta mode, which is sure to harken back to FIFA Street-style gameplay if the reveal is any indication.

The new FIFA 20 Volta mode brings back the FIFA Street vibes

FIFA 20 Volta

The official FIFA 20 Volta page showcases the game’s modes: 3 v 3 Rush, 4 v 4, 4 v 4 Rush, 5 v 5 and Professional Futsal are all included. You can also play with or without walls, depending on your preference.

A handful of venues have also been confirmed as part of the FIFA 20 Volta mode. They include Amsterdam, London, and even a rooftop in Tokyo.

As well as the on-pitch action, you’ll be able to fully customize your baller; in-game challenges will let you unlock shoes, sweaters, and other items including “vanity items.” Just as long as they let me rabona while wearing a solid-gold chain and, yes, a blue afro, then I think we’re on to a winner.

As of yet, however, there has been no further details on what the FIFA 20 Volta mode will consist of. Expect plenty more info surrounding the street soccer renaissance at EA Play later on today.