E3 2019 | Rainbow Six Quarantine release window and trailer revealed

After a slew of leaks last week, Ubisoft has officially revealed Rainbow Six Quarantine during its E3 2019 presentation. Ubisoft not only confirmed the existence of the brand-new co-op Rainbow Six game but also revealed the Rainbow Six Quarantine release date via an exciting reveal trailer. Skip to the end of this post to watch through the violent Rainbow Six Quarantine trailer. You know you want to.

Rainbow Six Quarantine was originally leaked by respected journalist Jason Schreier and industry insider Nibel. Now, the game has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft during its E3 2019 press conference. Rainbow Six Quarantine looks as though it is carrying the torch over from the popular Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak mode into a full release. Based on the reveal trailer, it looks as though Rainbow Six Quarantine will couple the skilfull tactics of Rainbow Six Siege with the co-op mayhem of games such as Left 4 Dead.

This new 3-player co-op PVE shooter has you and your teammates facing off against a new breed of mutant alien parasite enemies. It’s set to be frantic, difficult, and a test of your survival skills. Time to get prepared, folks.

Rainbow Six Quarantine release window

Ubisoft revealed Rainbow Six Quarantine with a flashy E3 trailer and teaser, confirming the game’s release date while giving us a look at its gameplay. Rainbow Six Quarantine will release sooner than you think, too. The Rainbow Six Quarantine release date is currently only set as a vague 2020, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Time to get your teammates prepped, it’s set to be a bumpy ride against the alien scum.

The quarantine on Ubisoft’s latest entry into its long-running Rainbow Six series has been lifted. You can watch the Rainbow Six Quarantine E3 2019 reveal trailer below. Stick with us at GameRevolution for all the E3 2019 announcements as and when they happen: