Destiny 2 Lumina healing hand cannon is a first for the game

Destiny 2 will soon be able to get their hands on the series’ first support-focused weapon, the Lumina hand cannon. The Exotic hand cannon’s main perk, Noble Rounds, allows players to heal and buff allies by shooting them. The quest to get the Destiny 2 Lumina healing hand cannon will become available for Forsaken Annual Pass owners tomorrow, July 2.

Bungie released the following trailer showcasing the Lumina’s unique abilities. In the trailer, we see Guardians kill enemies with the Lumina and then shoot glowing white orbs (presumably the aforementioned “Noble Rounds”) at allies.

According to Polygon, the Lumina’s Noble Rounds are activated when shooting the weapon from the hip. These rounds heal allies and increase their damage when the Lumina wielder has recently defeated an enemy.

While players may have to wait until tomorrow to begin the process of getting their hands on the Lumina, fans on the Destiny 2 Reddit have already datamined details about the quest’s steps. Reddit user u/Ginsor posted datamined text strings to the subreddit last month. User u/Accrudant then picked the quest’s details out of u/Ginsor’s datamine. The quest appears to task players with purifying the Destiny series’ infamous Thorn hand cannon.

Dataminers also recently discovered a weapon catalyst that appears to reveal that the original Destiny‘s Bad Juju pulse rifle is coming to Destiny 2. It’s unknown when Bad Juju could join the game’s Exotic weapon lineup, but it’s possible that fans could see it drop during the summer’s Solstice of Heroes event.

Only Destiny 2 players with the Forsaken expansion’s annual pass will have access to the Lumina for now, though it might become available to a less restricted selection of players (or at least at a cheaper price point) when the game’s newest expansion, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, launches. Officially announced days after being leaked both by dataminers and on the Microsoft Store, Shadowkeep will bring players back to the moon. No release date was announced for Shadowkeep, but the leaks suggest it will come out on September 17.