Trihex causes Super Mario Maker 2 creator to ‘rage delete’ their level

When a speedrunner plays your Super Mario Maker 2 level, you have to expect that they’re going to uncover secrets mere mortals have yet to discover. This is exactly what happened in a recent Trihex Twitch stream, with the professional gamer finding a secret door that allowed him to bypass the most difficult area of an entire level, causing the creator of that level to “rage delete” it after being rumbled.

In Super Mario Maker 2, creators are required to complete their level before uploading it to the game’s Course World for other players to enjoy. As such, sneaky level developers often include secret paths or hidden doorways that allow them to complete these areas more easily than others.

Trihex uncovered one such secret path while streaming the new Nintendo Switch game, after entering a door that led straight to an end-of-level goalpost. Initially discovering that this goalpost was surrounded by invisible obstacles preventing him from completing the level, Trihex then found a hidden block containing a shell. This shell could then be used to activate a hidden block, which is then used to jump over the obstacles and complete the level.

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After unearthing this secret path, Trihex then went on to beat the level’s world record multiple times in a row. This is when the level’s creator decided to shut the whole thing down, defeating their level while Trihex was playing it, prompting a communication error and preventing the streamer from being able to continue beating his world record.

trihex super mario maker 2 rage delete

The “rage delete,” as Trihex accurately described it, can be viewed below:

While Trihex found the moment understandably hilarious, this does point out a flaw with Super Mario Maker 2‘s user-created levels. Some have suggested that Nintendo enable players to see the path taken by each level’s creator ahead of time, to ensure that the game features fewer near-impossible levels that can only be solved if hidden secrets are found.