‘Steamed Hams’ Simpsons meme is now a Super Mario Maker 2 level

The Steamed Hams meme is now playable in Super Mario Maker 2, with a player recreating the famous level in the recently released Nintendo Switch game. The level sees players traversing through Principal Skinner’s house, before jumping across Superintendent Chalmers and the hapless Springfield Elementary principal.

The level, titled ‘Steamed Hams but it’s 3D World,’ was created by Mario Maker 2 player JFreshSplit. As its name suggests, it was created using the new Super Mario 3D World theme, which uses items and terrain from the Wii U game and places it in a 2.5D setting.

The level begins outside Skinner’s house, made using a combination of blocks and a warp door:

super mario maker 2 steamed hams

It then moves onto the dining room, where the “steamed hams” were served:

Then onto the kitchen, where disaster awaits:

super mario maker 2 steamed hams

And finally, players can scale both Chalmers and Skinner in a recreation of the scene from the classic The Simpsons episode:

Super Mario Maker 2 hands players a variety of level creation tools, so it’s no surprise that these would be used to create unorthodox courses. Still, we weren’t quite expecting Steamed Hams to get the video game adaptation treatment just yet.

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Steamed Hams is often billed as one of the funniest Simpsons scenes ever, with it featuring a distraught Principal Skinner attempting to serve lunch to his ever-disappointed boss, only for his kitchen to set on fire. Skinner then decides to pick up hamburgers from a local Krusty Burger instead, attempting to convince Chalmers that he is serving a delicacy of “steamed hams.”

Though the Steamed Hams skit was broadcast in the 1996 episode ’22 Short Films About Springfield,’ the internet helped further popularize it by transforming it into a meme. According to Know Your Meme, its popularity skyrocketed once again after the writer of the segment, Bill Oakley, published the original draft of the script. The Twitter thread has since been deleted, but it reintroduced Simpsons fans to the skit, and from there its popularity online exploded.

For those who want to play the Steamed Hams Super Mario Maker 2 level, input the Course ID code 2WN-XWF-W8G and prepare for an unforgettable luncheon.