Mountain Dew Game Fuel sales are surprise success for PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s gamer-focused “MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL” energy soda line is selling so well the company can’t keep the soda’s resealable cap in stock. Along with those of the company’s Lifewtr and Bubly brands, Mountain Dew Game Fuel sales are helping the company beat sales estimates despite an overall decline in soda sales.

Speaking to Bloomberg, PepsiCo CFO Hugh Johnston said the company is consistently buying out all of its European supplier’s specialty resealable caps and then selling all of the Mountain Dew Game Fuel it makes with those caps.

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According to Bloomberg, energy drinks make up a “strong sub-segment” of the beverage industry, so PepsiCo has been steering the Mountain Dew brand toward energy drink consumers. PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta said in a conference call that the company is trying to “move Dew into the energy category in small steps,” according to Bloomberg. One prominent group of energy drink consumers is gamers, particularly those interested in competitive gaming and esports. With Mountain Dew Game Fuel, the brand has gone after that segment of consumers wholeheartedly.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel has sponsored esports organizations like Optic Gaming, Dignitas, and Counter Logic Gaming, as well as esports leagues like the Call of Duty World League and ESL. The Mountain Dew Game Fuel website advertises that the soda will provide the “ingredients to give you the boost you need” in order to improve “accuracy and alertness,” accompanied by a graphic of a joystick that looks like something straight out of an Xbox One Elite Controller ad.

The website claims the drink is “the first beverage designed just for gamers,” and also advertises the “superior grip” provided by the cans’ textured ink. Mountain Dew Game Fuel comes in four “charged” flavors, each named something that sounds vaguely like a Call of Duty killstreak reward ability (but sweet instead of deadly): Original Dew, Tropical Strike, Cherry Burst, Berry Blast, and Gamer Girl Bath Water. That last one might actually be something else entirely.