Black Ops 4 Operation Apocalypse Z season begins today on PS4

Even though we know a little about 2019’s upcoming Modern Warfare, the new Black Ops 4 Operation Apocalypse Z season shows that Treyarch still has support lined up for 2018’s second best-selling game. Starting today on PS4, this new season brings some new zombie-centric updates including a zombie map, three multiplayer maps, more gear for the Black Market, and changes to the Blackout battle royale mode. These free and premium features will come to other platforms at some point in the future. If previous seasons are to go by, it should come to Xbox One and PC next week.

Dubbed “The Haunting Fog,” the sun has appropriately set on the Blackout mode and Alcatraz map, making it more difficult to see. A Quads Fog playlist will also show up, which adds even more of a haze. Zombie modes will also return to Blackout including Pandemic (which is like an Infected mode where killed players come back as zombies) and Alcatraz Portals Horde (10 squads fight with zombies in the Alcatraz map) sometime later in the season. New characters (including actor Danny Trejo), weapons, humiliations, and a motorcycle vehicle are also coming to the battle royale mode.

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Black Ops 4 Operation Apocalypse Z

While it isn’t the edgelord from Overwatch, Reaper is making his debut in Black Ops 4 as a playable specialist in both Blackout and multiplayer. The robotic specialist from Black Ops 3 is making the jump to the new game and wields its signature minigun and Radar Shroud ability that disables and blocks out part of enemy minimaps.

New zombie-themed gear will also flood the game’s Black Market, which will get 40 new Contraband stream Tiers. Outfits, camos, gestures, personalization items, weapons, and more will be ready to earn in the controversial marketplace. This even includes weapons from previous Black Ops games like the Argus Shotgun from Black Ops 3.

And of course, this zombified seasons means big changes for the Zombies mode. The game will have new Perks, weapons, and Elixirs in each of the Zombies maps, making the repeatable mode that much more repeatable.

The premium features from the Black Ops Pass come in the form of maps. There will be three mutiplayer maps: Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana, which is from the first Black Ops. The Alpha Omega map is another Zombies experience and follows the story from Classified and Blood of the Dead It will also allow players to play as classic Zombies characters from the Primis and Ultimis crews together at the same time.

For a more detailed look, you can read Treyarch’s official post.