Teamfight Tactics streamer Forsen shows off TFT 20 Champion glitch

Teamfight Tactics is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and the League of Legends variant of Auto Chess is just as popular in the world of streaming. TFT streamers rack up hundreds of hours of games and videos, and if you’re lucky you can catch them doing something particularly out of the ordinary. Something distinctly unusual happened with popular Teamfight Tactics streamer Forsen on a recent broadcast, as he managed to show off the TFT 20 Champion glitch, despite supposedly only being able to have a maximum of 17.

As you can see in the video, Forsen begins the planning and preparation stage, prepping all his Champions, and is supposed to only get 17 Champions in total, as you can see in the counter at the top of the screen to the right of the timer. However, he quickly increases that to 18 before the planning stage is even over, then 19 almost to the second his opponent appears. By the time the combat stage occurs Forsen has 20 Champions on-screen, and easily defeats his opponent of course.

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It’s certainly not the only glitch of its type spotted (and exploited) by players in Teamfight Tactics. Another popular streamer Pokimane was accused of cheating for exploiting a different TFT glitch, which in this case allowed her to get into the golden circle early and get her Champion choice ahead of everyone else, giving her (and anyone exploiting the glitch) a chance at a better team pick. There have even been multiple reports of an item duplication bug too. Even the TFT 20 Champion glitch Forsen showed off has been spotted before by other streamers.

As usual with any bugs or glitches of this type, developer Riot Games is probably working hard to eliminate them, especially if they’re glitches that are giving players an unfair advantage. We’re pretty sure that having several Champions more than the limit counts.