Sony loot boxes will be present at SDCC 2019

San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner, kicking off July 18 and running through July 22. Among a bunch of other companies, Sony has announced that it will be present at the annual event. Sony has elected to make an interesting decision and has announced that it will bring ‘mystery boxes’ to the PlayStation Gear booth, however, gamers will likely refer to these as loot boxes. The Sony loot boxes will be available at the PlayStation Gear Store every day of SDCC 2019, with a total of five boxes that are supposedly filled with $90 worth of collectibles.

Sony Loot Boxes

According to Sony, each of its loot boxes will cost $60 but will have a value of $90. For those who want to collect all five of the mystery boxes, it will cost them $125 and earn them a total of 25 collectible items. Sony isn’t dropping many hints as to what could be inside of its prize box, but one would imagine that it will be collectibles from some of its most beloved franchises.

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While SDCC 2019 doesn’t officially kick off until July 18, the first of the Sony loot boxes will be available at its booth (#121) from 6-9 PM. The other four mystery boxes will be for sale every day from 9:30 AM – 7 PM, except for Sunday when they will close up shop at 5 PM.

The loot boxes themselves actually look pretty cool and would be a good collectible item by itself. Each box is a different color and features either the PlayStation logo or one of the symbols from the controllers. Unfortunately, the box is a bit pricey and only nets buyers a supposed $30 ‘profit.’ In addition, since you don’t know what you’re buying, the price of a new game seems like a lot to drop on some random collectibles. If you’re going to SDCC 2019 and are interested in these, your best bet is to find someone who has already bought one and see what is inside!