Modern Warfare beta dates possibly leaked by YouTuber

It is no secret that the annual Call of Duty title is set to release this October, nor is it a secret that an upcoming beta was planned prior to release. However, the Modern Warfare beta dates were previously unknown, until a popular YouTuber possibly leaked them earlier this morning. According to the YouTuber, these leaked beta dates are set for August 20 and August 27. The first beta round will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 players, and the August 27 beta will be available to all other platforms.

The YouTuber who has reportedly leaked the beta dates runs a channel called The Gaming Revolution (no relation) and has a good record when it comes it Modern Warfare leaks. However, it is not clear however if PS4 players will get to participate twice in the beta or only once.

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Please do keep in mind that this information is based on a leak. While the source does seem to be rather reputable when it comes to Modern Warfare leaks, it is still possible that the information they released could be changed or is simply wrong. The only way to know for sure is to wait for Activation to publicly announce the Modern Warfare beta dates. This would make it earlier than the Black Ops 4 beta, which came out on September 10 for PS4 pre-orders.

It is already known that Modern Warfare is set to release on October 25, so it seems likely that a beta test would occur about a month before the release so developers could fix any issues that are reported by players. Infinity Ward has a big task ahead of it, since they are trying to reboot a beloved franchise. So far, fans haven’t seen much of the game and even our E3 demo was hands-off, so it will be nice to get a taste of what it will be like when the Modern Warfare beta comes around.