Digimon Survive release date delayed

It looks like digital monsters fans hoping to get a taste of Digimon Survive on later this year will have to wait a bit longer. A new trailer for the much awaited sequel has confirmed that the Digimon Survive release date has been delayed to 2020.

Bandai Namco first revealed Digimon Survive via Famitsu last year. Back then, it gave the game a release window of 2019. However, the game’s latest trailer now reveals that it will be arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch sometime in 2020 instead.

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The trailer shows off most of the game’s opening movie, and was first shown at Anime Expo 2019 a couple of weeks back. It introduced the human characters that do play an important part in the franchise.

Specifically, the opening has these characters — Takuma, Aoi, and Minoru — talking about an upcoming visit to some ruins. It then shows that another character, Miu, left early, without letting her brother know, while a mysterious snowfall hits town. It then ends in a news report about an earthquake in the area. This same earthquake has led to some mysterious creatures (who we know are the titular Digimon) appearing in the area.

The company hasn’t given reasons for Digimon Survive‘s delay. However, the delay means that the game will miss out on the 20th anniversary or the first Digimon video game.

While the Digimon franchise started in 1997, the franchise first video game, Digimon World, launched in Japan in January of 1999. In addition to this, the first season of the original Digimon Adventure cartoon also began airing in March of 1999 as well.

Of course, a 2020 launch still puts it in the 20th anniversary of Digimon World’s arrival in the U.S. Additionally, a new Digimon Adventure movie, featuring older versions of the original cast, is supposed to arrive next year as well. Whatever the reason for Digimon Survive‘s delay, it looks like the game is still going to arrive in the middle of a big year for the franchise.