Wolfenstein Youngblood PC release date moved up

Many fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Wolfenstein Youngblood on Friday, July 26. However, players on PC won’t have to wait until that date after all. Bethesda recently confirmed that the Wolfenstein Youngblood PC release has been moved up to July 25.

Bethesda announced the change in the PC version’s release date on Twitter. However, the company hasn’t given a reason for why PC is getting Wolfenstein Youngblood a day early.

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That said, there may be one important event happening on July 25. Fans will note that QuakeCon 2019 starts on that date as well. With the show being traditionally PC focused, perhaps Bethesda wanted to give PC players and attendees a nice gift.

Despite the change in the release date, the game’s Steam store page still lists the game as coming out on July 26. When asked about Steam, the official Wolfenstein Twitter account simply stated that the game would be available on both Valve’s service as well as the Bethesda Launcher. However, it has not yet stated anything about the Steam version coming out on the same date.

Wolfenstein Youngblood represents the first spin off title in MachineGames’ alternate history take on the Wolfenstein franchise. It features the twin daughters of classic series protagonist B.J. Blackowicz as they try to liberate 1980s Paris from the Nazis. As part of this, the game features a heavy emphasis on co-op play with players taking up the mantle of either sister.

While the game comes to PC a day early, that version will be missing one feature many PC gamers may have been expecting. Wolfenstein Youngblood on PC will not support real-time ray-tracing via Nvidia’s RTX line of graphics cards at launch. The engineers are still working on the feature, which is planned to arrive at a later date.

Despite this, MachineGames claims that it’s pushing the game’s id Tech 6 engine very hard. So even without RTX support, the game should be one of the more graphically impressive titles on the platform.