Black Desert Online PS4 beta coming in August

Pearl Abyss is finally bringing its hit MMORPG Black Desert Online to PlayStation 4. To ensure the game’s launch goes smoothly, the the company is looking to test the PS4 version before launch. Pearl Abyss will be hosting a Black Desert Online PS4 beta test from August 9 to August 13.

The upcoming beta test for Black Desert Online on PS4 will be open to everyone, even players without a PS Plus subscription. In addition to this, players who sign up will be receiving an exclusive Sky Hawk pet when the game launches (assuming they purchase the game).

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The exclusive Sky Hawk represents more than just a cosmetic companion. It allows players to loot items from afar, and fine rare monsters, while also increasing their Knowledge Gain Chance stat.

Pearl Abyss is giving away more to prospective PlayStation 4 players. Players who preorder will also receive a number of exclusive bonuses, including another pet, an in-game title, and an outfit set. Additionally, these players will be given early access to the game, getting to play it two days earlier than its August 22 release date.

Originally launching on PC back in 2014, Black Desert Online took awhile to get ported to consoles. Microsoft revealed the Xbox One version of the game at their E3 2017 press conference. However, it took a couple of years for it to finally hit the console, launching back in March of this year.

When that version did launch, it added to Black Desert Online’s already massive player base, which now sits at over 20 million players. The upcoming PlayStation 4 release only looks to add to this number.

Of course, Black Desert Online does have a bit more competition on PlayStation 4 compared to Xbox One with Final Fantasy 14. That said, this upcoming beta could help convince MMO fans on the system to try the game out, assuming it runs well.