EA Access PS4 now available on US PlayStation Store

EA Access PS4 is available now for U.S. PlayStation Store users. We learned of EA Access’ July PS4 arrival back in May, though no specific release date was given at the time (the release date was revealed at a later date). While it has been on other consoles for quite some time, Sony previously turned down EA Access, citing poor value as the reason the service would not be on the PS4.

GameSpot reported this morning that a countdown clock on EA‘s website revealed EA Access PS4 would go live at 8 PM ET today, but the clock no longer appears to be there. Instead, the link leads directly to the EA Access website, which lists the service as “Now available on PS4 [and] Xbox One.” Consequently, a “Join EA Access on PlayStation” page is available on the EA Access website that lists the platform’s plan options, and the EA Access Hub, EA Access 12 Months pass, and EA Access 1 Month pass are all available on the U.S. PlayStation Store’s website. (Update: The countdown clock is back up now, but the EA Access hub and plans are still live on the U.S. PlayStation Store.) The hub is also up on the German PlayStation Store, though we weren’t able to confirm any other countries as of yet (U.K. included).

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As of writing, no mention has been made of the EA Access PS4 release on EA’s official Twitter accounts, so it’s unclear if this seemingly early U.S. launch was a purposeful one — although the Ask PlayStation support account did Tweet an explanation of the service around 12 PM ET.

The EA Access subscription allows users to get a 10% discount on EA games and DLC in the PlayStation store. EA Access PS4 subscribers will also get access to EA’s Play First Trials feature, which lets users play up to ten hours of gameplay before a game is released, which will then carry over into the full game. Subscribers also get unlimited access to a library of EA games. We recently covered some of the best EA Access games available, so you’ll know exactly where to start if you pick up a subscription.

The one month EA Access PS4 plan costs $4.99, and the 12 month plan costs $29.99 (about half off the monthly subscription price, or a savings of $2.49 per month).