FIFA 20 Pro Clubs details revealed

With EA’s incredibly popular soccer “simulator” just around the corner, updates on FIFA 20 have been unveiled regularly since the game’s reveal. For this week, information on FIFA 20 Pro Clubs has been detailed bringing an “overall better experience” to players who play the mode.

The latest “Pitch Notes” takes a “deep dive” into the Pro Clubs mode. For those who are not familiar with Pro Clubs, it is an online mode where you create your own Virtual Pro player and play a specific position with a team of up to 10 players. All of the new implementations and improvements have been made after reviewing feedback and suggestions from the community.

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One of the most integral parts of Pro Clubs is creating your own Virtual Pro. This time around, FIFA 20 will have an entirely new Avatar system, which will be used throughout the entire game. You will now be able to customize your pro’s look in a variety of ways with an improved “four-quadrant axis morphing tool.” Additionally, more morphing options and skin tones have been added that will allow you to make more unique custom characters. Features from the previous character creation suite, like commentary names, preferred celebrations, and updated goalkeeper gloves, will still be available in the new and improved creation tool.

FIFA 20‘s Pro Clubs mode will also bring back the LF/RF, LM/RM, and RWB/LWB positions, giving you more ways to play with you Virtual Pro. Along with the new positions is a new player progression system. How your created player moves and feels will be determined by which position you play, their height, and weight. Regardless of what you choose, your Virtual Pro will begin their Pro Clubs journey with an overall rating of 80. Progressing your player further is done by participating in Drop In, League, and Cup matches, as well as player traits.

With FIFA 20, 30 additional player traits have been implemented and can be paired with specialty traits. While this can benefit your player, it will also cost a bit more skill points and possibly affect other attributes.

New broadcast features are also coming to FIFA 20‘s Pro Club mode to help you fully immerse yourself in your online soccer career. Replay transition wipes, on-screen watermark, club banners, AR overlays (for match intros, half time, and goal scores), and a new Pro Clubs logo have all been added to improve the overall broadcast experience. Additionally, Friendly, Cup, and League match types will each have its own broadcast color scheme.

Celebrations with your teammates is getting a slight revamp in FIFA 20. When you score a goal, the camera will no longer zoom in on the player who scored the goal. Instead, the camera will stay zoomed out allowing you and your teammates to coordinate celebrations.

A couple of new match types will also be available to play in Pro Clubs this year. House Rules Cups will have a daily rotation of match types and a weekly rotation of cups each week. There will be a schedule in the game so you know when certain cups will be starting. Practice Match will allow you to practice solo or with your team against AI opponents. In addition to difficulty options for your AI opponents, you can set what kind of playstyle you want to play against, as well as their overall rating.

Lastly, EA listed a few of the main issues players have been experiencing with Pro Clubs in the past and plan to focus on fixing in FIFA 20. This includes the “Any” stamina bug, kit clashing, and allowing Clubs to watch the full Cup Celebration when they win.

FIFA 20 will launch for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 27, 2019. If you’re pondering purchasing the Nintendo Switch version of the game, check out our guide to see how it differs from the PC and other console versions.