NHL 20 Ultimate Team game modes revealed

By far, the most popular and, given the related microtransactions, most profitable facet of any EA Sports game is the Ultimate Team mode. This includes Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) from the NHL series. The NHL 20 Ultimate Team game modes have been revealed, bringing both old and new ways to play the game.

From the hugely successful FIFA soccer game series, Squad Battles have been added to HUT this year bringing the fan-favorite mode to the icy rinks of the NHL. This mode allows you to go head-to-head offline against squads created by NHL players, artists, hockey influencers, and athletes across the world. You will also allow you to earn and collect some big rewards to help you assemble your team. The video at the end of the article implies that both NHL 20 cover star, the Toronto Maple Leaf’s Auston Matthews, and Snoop Dogg will have squads for you to face.

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NHL 20 HUT will also include all the modes from the previous game. This includes HUT Challenges, Online Seasons, HUT Competitive Seasons, Draft Champions, Team of the Week challenges, Play-A-Friend, Exhibition, and HUT Champions. Like Squad Battles, all of these modes will help you collect more players and form your dream team of NHL pros.

NHL 20 is set to launch for PS4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2019. However, if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition for an extra $20, you will get early access to the game three days early, on September 10, 2019.

If you are eager to get your hands on NHL 20, then you’re in luck. The NHL 20 Open Beta is currently underway and lasts until July 31, 2019. The beta lets you play Online Versus with your favorite NHL team, as well as check out the World of CHEL. If you were wondering, yes, that is the mode that has the hockey battle royale, Eliminator, and it is playable during the beta’s duration.