Control Story Trailer shows us the horrors of The Hiss

A new Control Story Trailer has arrived and it shows us some pretty spooky scenery. This upcoming game set in a fictional agency that deals with the paranormal tells us the tale of Jesse Faden, the newest Director of the Federal Bureau of Control who’s having a really bad first day of work.

In the Control Story Trailer, we see Ms. Faden in conversation with a man who appears to be a prisoner that’s a bit off of his rocker. He talks about “The Hiss,” an entity that has taken control of the Federal Bureau of Control’s staff in a deeply ironic assault on the facility’s personnel.

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The Control Story Trailer is interspersed with imagery of the horrors undertaken by The Hiss and several key story beats involving the player character. In a dream talked about by the unnamed prisoner, he mentions how The Hiss were unleashed on the facility. At first, people were “horrified” by the situation, but he says that some of the people in the facility eventually came to welcome them.

As the trailer continues, we see a variety of strange imagery (some of which we’ve seen before) including bodies floating in the air, bathed in a mysterious red light. Our protagonist also appears to waltz into some rather paranormal situations herself, exploring locations both in the real world and with strange alien geometries. At one point, Jesse Faden is shown holding a gun to the head of a man at a desk; the trailer closes in a similar fashion with someone holding a gun to her head while she sits at a desk. We also get a glimpse at a strange monster with a split face — one of the few clear looks at some kind of otherworldly creature and not just the after-effects of The Hiss attack.

Control arrives sometime later this year. In the meantime, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam.

You can watch the new Control trailer, hosted on the GameSpot YouTube channel, below: