BT Audio Sync lets you connect Switch Bluetooth Headphones

The Nintendo Switch has Bluetooth capability. That’s how the Joy-Con controllers connect to the console. Unfortunately, the console lacks the ability to use Nintendo Switch Bluetooth headphones — until now. The Bionik BT Audio Sync aims to fix that problem through an add-on device that can let you listen to your games without any wires mucking things up.

One of the key advantages of the Nintendo Switch lies in its portability. It can work perfectly fine as a home console thanks to the dock, but players can also lock on a couple of Joy-Cons, pick it up, and head away from the TV to play their games with a bit of portability (as long as they have support for handheld mode, at least). Unfortunately, Nintendo hadn’t included the capability to use headphones wirelessly whether the console is docked or in handheld mode. Gaming accessory manufacturer Bionik has fixed that problem with a single device that works in both handheld mode and docked mode without breaking the bank.

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The Bionik BT Audio Sync connects to your Nintendo Switch via the USB-C port in handheld mode or to the dock itself with an adapter. No batteries are included with this device because they’re not needed — it powers itself using the console. You’ll be able to comfortably use wireless Bluetooth headphones (and yes, Airpods are included among supported devices) at ranges up to 32 feet (approx. 10 meters) away.

Nintendo may have had a tiny misstep with failing to include support for Bluetooth headphones, but an innovative accessory manufacturer has stepped up and solved the problem with their own neat little device. If you want to hook up some Nintendo Switch Bluetooth headphones for yourself, you can buy the Bionik BT Audio Sync on Amazon right now at a price of $39.99 or your regional equivalent. You can check out their latest product and several other accessories at Bionik’s official website.

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