Act fast: Nintendo Switch Lite in stock at Amazon

If you’ve been hoping for a Nintendo Switch restock, there’s some good news: you can get the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock at Amazon right now, although you’re going to have to act fast.

The Nintendo Switch console has been mired in a shortage which has seen price gougers charging as much as $600 for a brand-new unit.  The console was temporarily back in stock at Best Buy, and the hotly-desired Ring Fit Adventure has popped back up on Amazon UK, signaling that Nintendo is finally restocking its most popular products.

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With the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock at Amazon, gamers finally have an opportunity to get their hands on Nintendo’s newest console amidst an ongoing shortage.

There are some important things to note. Firstly, the Yellow and the newer Coral pink models are not available; you can only get the Nintendo Switch Lite in Gray or Turquoise via Amazon. Secondly, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-focused console. It lacks the ability to hook up to your television and some games just aren’t compatible with this cheaper version of the console.

That said, it’s perfectly possible to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch Lite, whether you buy the physical game or a digital code.

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