Street Fighter 5 announcements coming later this year

While a leak ended up spoiling Capcom’s planned announcement for Evo 2019, it still had something to say at the tournament. There, Capcom promised that more Street Fighter 5 announcements were coming in November and December of this year.

Series producer Yoshinori Ono mentioned the announcements as part of a statement he read right before Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition‘s finals at Evo 2019. As part of the statement, which was transcribed by Gematsu, Ono also apologized to the fans and to Evo President Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar for the leaks that ended up spoiling Capcom’s planned announcements for Evo 2019.

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“Dear EVO, Joey, and Street Fighter fans around the world. We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to a big announcement this year,” stated Ono. “We wanted to put together something else for you guys, but it didn’t quite work out. Trust me, we feel your disappointment.”

Last week, a trailer for three new Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition characters was inadvertently posted on the game’s Steam store page. With the leak quickly spreading over social media, Capcom ended up acknowledging it and revealing the characters, despite the fact that it was originally meant to be shown at Evo.

Eventually, Valve themselves apologized for the leak in a post on the game’s Steam forum. “On Wednesday of this week there was a mix-up in the publishing process at Valve that caused a trailer to go live on Steam ahead of schedule,” stated a Valve representative.

The representative admitted that the leak was “regrettable and unintentional.” More importantly, they mentioned that they have “already implemented measures to prevent this error from happening again.”

As for exactly when the announcements are coming, Ono hinted that one of them would be revealed at Capcom Cup. This year’s Capcom Cup takes place from December 13 to 15. This means that there will be one more reveal before then.