Pokemon Sword and Shield New Rivals, New Team, and Galarian Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon Sword and Shield new rivals, a new team, and Galarian Pokemon were all revealed in a brand-new trailer today on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. We get to see a lot of new content at a very quick pace, but it seems like Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming into its own nicely and establishing a cool style for the new Galar region.

Two Pokemon Sword and Shield new rivals were showcased in this trailer. Bede is a smug-looking trainer with a pink overcoat. Marnie, meanwhile, is a much cooler-looking girl with a rocker aesthetic. Marnie also has a legion of fans behind her as the new team for the players to fight: Team Yell is a bunch of rockers that are Marnie’s biggest fans. They’ll stand behind her and support her during battles and generally have the aesthetic of people who shop at Hot Topic in 2002.

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There were also several new Galarian Pokemon introduced in the trailer alongside the Pokemon Sword and Shield new rivals. These are essentially the same concept as Alolan Pokemon with the adorable little creatures from previous games having their own unique look for the region.

Galarian Weezing is changed to have gigantic smokestacks coming out of its head in the shape of smokestacks and green smog floating on its face to give the appearance of facial hair. It’s a Poison/Fairy type with the Levitate ability and one mystery ability.

Also shown in the Pokemon Sword and Shield new rivals trailer was Galarian Zigzagoon; this is a Dark/Normal type Pokemon with the Pickup and Gluttony abilities. We also got to see Galarian Linoone (similar types and abilities to Galarian Zigzagoon) and Obstagoon, a Dark/Normal type with the Reckless and Guts.

A nice surprise was the introduction of a “form-changing Pokemon” — and no, it’s not Ditto. Morpeko (Full Belly Mode) is an Electric/Dark type with the Hunger Switch ability. The Aura Wheel move lets it change into Morpeko (Hangry Mode) and switches its type from Electric to Dark.

You can see the new rivals, new team, and Galarian Pokemon below in the trailerPokemon Sword and Shield launches worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.